Teammeet – Video Conference, Online Live Meeting, Webinar App Bundle (Web, Android & Desktop)

Teammeet is a video calling app bundle with screen sharing and whiteboardcollaboration. You can deploy web (PWA), Android, Mac, Windows, and Linuxbinaries from this package.

The frontend app is developed on the Ionic framework with React and the backend API is developed on Express.js. We using the SQlite3 database. And we using WebRTC protocol for video calling and Websockets protocol for real-time communications.

We providing clean and well-written documentation with this package in PDF format with flowcharts, screenshots, and code snippets to understand the package and install the apps hassle-free. Installation walkthrough covers the configuration, distributable building, and deployment process of the web (PWA), Android, Mac, Window, Linux, and master API service.


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